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Introducing Ski&Wake Park Těrlicko

Ski & Wake Park (SWP) is a unique sports complex designed for water skiing, wakeboarding, wakeskating and kneeboarding. 
From May to September, SWP is a place of pleasant relaxation, combined with original summer entertainment. Every year, the area is equipped with new elements that make your stay more pleasant.


SWP is the only place in the Czech Republic where you can visit races of the highest European level


SWP was founded as park for riders of all ages and skills.
As well as training professionals, beginners can fully enjoy the right feelings of riding on the water with us.


We are ready to offer you:

  • Rental of wakeboards, water skis, life jackets

  • Rental of wetsuits, helmets

  • Tips for beginners

  • Repeated first ride in case of fall

  • Riding on two or one ski

  • Simple driving and driving over obstacles

  • The possibility of using a slalom course or a ski jump

    Our experienced instructors are happy to advise both beginners and advanced students


The electric water lift is located in the area of the Těrlická dam in the Beskydy foothills, 5 km from the town of Havířov. You can find the exact location of Ski&Wake Park Těrlicko in the sectionCONTACT.


All beginners and experienced riders who have always dreamed of riding on the water, either recreationally or at a competitive level, are welcome here.

Ski&Wake Park The team is made up of water sports enthusiasts and is happy to pass on their experiences and impressions to other visitors. 

We know how to prepare your experience on the water. Try us out.

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