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For a better overview, we divided the price list into categories.

Choose according to your ideas which option will suit you the most, or get advice directly on the spot.

If you are interested in a season ticket, as a nice gift, don't hesitate order GIFT VOUCHER.

When you buy any season ticket, you can count on free rental of skis, kneeboards, vests and basic instructions.

Water Cable Lift

Hourly season tickets

1 hour................330 CZK 

2 hours...............450 CZK 

4 hours and more....600 CZK

These season tickets are


7-day season ticket

7 days of riding..........3,100 CZK




You can use this season ticket

any 7 days in the season.

These days may not follow.

Season ticket

Seasonal riding.......9,900 CZK

Allows you to use a season ticket

at any time during operation for the public throughout the season.
These season tickets are






(Information at checkout) 

Rental of the entire lift

including rental of all equipment and basic instruction: 

1 hour...................2800 CZK

2 hours...................4900 CZK

3 hours...................6500 CZK


We deal with other requirements individually

Lift rentals have priority over point, time and day passes. 
We prefer early orders via our form.


you can choose vouchers according to the price list here or vouchers in value

500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 CZK.

It will be possible to use everything for the amount on the voucher

available SWP services in the 2022 season.

For vouchers, write to email:

or call 608 863 067.


Equipment rental


Wake for beginners:

1 hour.......100 CZK

2 hours......160 CZK

4 hours.....300 CZK

All day.....CZK 350

Wake with binding:

1 hour.........120 CZK

2 hours........200 CZK

4 hours........380 CZK

The whole day........500 CZK

Wet suits

 1 hour.......100 CZK 

2 hours.......150 CZK

The whole day........250 CZK


1 hour.......50 CZK

2 hours......CZK 80

The whole day....100 CZK


(including vest rental)

1 hour.........150 CZK



You want to make sure it will

paddleboard free, when you arrive to us?
Book it for a specific hour

on telephone number

+420 608 863 067

Operating regulations of Ski&Wake park paddleboard rental 

  • When renting a paddleboard, the renter is obliged to show a valid identity card or pay a deposit in the agreed amount.

  • Paddleboard is rented for a fixed period. A fixed period means the time from the time of taking over the paddleboard until the time of its return.

  • If the tenant exceeds the agreed period of use, an additional rent of CZK 50 will be charged for every 15 minutes that have started. Rent is non-refundable,
    even if the paddleboard rental period will not be fully used.

  • When taking over the paddleboard, the tenant is obliged to check its current condition and immediately report any visible defects or damage.

  • The lessee is obliged to use the paddleboard properly and for the purposes for which it is intended.

  • The renter has an obligation to protect the paddleboard from damage, loss, theft or destruction.

  • If the paddleboard is damaged or lost, the lessee is obliged to notify the operator immediately. If a deposit has been paid by the tenant, the landlord is entitled to use this deposit to cover the damage incurred, or to pay the rent due in the event that the tenant exceeds the lease term. The lessee's obligation to compensate for damage is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code on liability for damage.

  • The renter takes full responsibility for the paddleboard taken over with his signature.

  • Paddleboarding is at your own risk. Every user is required to wear a life jacket. The operator is not responsible for any damage,
    which the renter causes to himself or others while using the paddleboard.

  • The manager of the rental company has the right to refuse to rent a paddleboard without giving a reason.

All prices include VAT

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