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The lift operator is a natural person:


M.Sc. Martin Kocur

17 November 1209 / 18

736 01 Havířov – Podlesí

ID: 76221385

It is the duty of every lift visitor to observe and follow these operating regulations.


1. Motorsport VLV-X 001 electric lift is used for wakeboarding, wakeskating, water

skiing and kneeboarding.

2. Lift operation is permitted for the public from 15.4. until 15.10 (see opening hours)

3. The time from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. is reserved for skiing

and training of members of the Havířov water skiing club, or other entities according to orders.

4. The lift cannot be operated in fog, reduced visibility, storms, high winds and

in case of too high or too low water tank level. The money is in these

in some cases, they do not refund purchased season tickets.

5. Compensation is not provided for lost or damaged season tickets.

6. The operator reserves the right to change the operating hours, the price list and the closure of the lift z

technical reasons.

7. Part of the operating time may be leased to organizations. The public must be aware of this

informed in advance. Reservation of the lift takes precedence over operation for the public.

8. By purchasing a season ticket, the visitor agrees to all points of the operating regulations and is

obliged to submit to all its provisions and instructions of the operator. Entrance to the starting pier

is allowed only to persons with a valid purchased season ticket.

9. Rides on the lift are at your own risk. Each participant must be equipped with a float

vest, the use of obstacles on the water is only possible after agreement with the tow operator as

protective helmet. A rider may only drive into an obstacle if he is convinced that

no one swims near her.

10. Obstacles can only be used with your own equipment and fins made of plastic or laminate

max. up to a height of 2 cm. It is forbidden to hit obstacles with rented equipment

ski lift.


11. The public will be informed of the operating speed of the lift and every rider is obliged

assess whether the current speed of the tow corresponds to its capabilities. Tow customers

must be able to swim.

12. Customers board the starting platform individually. The next customer can start up to

after clearing space in the event of a fall of the previous rider.

13. In case of a large number of customers, the operator reserves the right to disconnect riders

after four laps on the lift.

14. In the event of a rider falling on the track, the other riders are obliged to go around him, in the event that

threatened him or if there is another obstacle on the track, the rider must let go of the bar and thus avoid a collision

with another person or an obstacle on the track, while the one being towed is always responsible for the consequences of the collision

rider. A swimming rider is advised to dive before the inevitable collision.

15. If a rider falls on the track, he must leave the track immediately, he must not catch freely

moving ropes, they try to avoid collisions with the towed riders and swim to the finish

the shortest possible way to the shore.

16. After finishing the rides, everyone is obliged to return the borrowed equipment to the lift. At arbitrary

damage is obliged to compensate for the damage incurred.

17. The consent of their legal representative is required for rides by persons under 15 years of age.

18. If you have not used up the number of purchased rides listed on the season ticket, keep this

lift customers collect from the lift operator, they can use the pass at any time later

during operating hours in a given year.

19. The lift operator is not responsible for the loss or theft of money and other valuable items in

lift area.

The following are prohibited in the lift premises:

 a) behavior that threatens safety and order on the lift

 b) diving with each other, knocking other people into the water, running in the starting area a

access to start

 c) driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

 d) bathing.


A visitor who

despite being warned, he violates the provisions of the operating rules, he does not obey the instructions of the workers

tow or behaves in another unacceptable manner.

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